Project: Digital Storytelling – working title: ‘My Reservoir’

Role: Digital Content Assistant:

We are looking for 3x digital content assistants (aged about 18-25 and based in Birmingham or Sandwell) to support our project “My Reservoir“, which will use digital storytelling methods to record and illustrate memories, thoughts, hopes and fears people have about the Edgbaston reservoir and its surroundings. Artscoop Central & Bertz Associates are locally based arts organisations who want to collect & help start telling the stories of the Edgbaston reservoir through the voices of ordinary people who love the site.We will be working with Loughborough University using their Digital Storytelling Approach https://storytellingacademy.education/ The outcome will be a website where the stories (between 30-60 seconds long) will be accessible to anybody. The project´s funding is linked to developing local communities and young emerging artists. NOTE: Changes to the project may be necessary due to any future COVID restrictions.

The project will be completely online based and results shared through a website

What we expect of you:

-to be able to attend a total of 4 x 2hr digital story training Zooms during late Nov/ Dec 2020

-to be able to support a community leader & lead artist with your digital skills as we run community based zooms in January/Feb

What we expect you to bring:

-(basic ) digital skills in sound recording, photography, editing & film

-enthusiasm to learn a new skill (digital storytelling)

-an interest in supporting and teaching others digital skills who might not find it easy

-patience with digital novices, bad internet connections & Zoom crashing

-a good sense of humour

-a creative, positive mindset

-flexibility for workshop timings

-access to a smartphone and laptop with good internet connections

What we will offer:

-a supportive learning environment

-mentoring by experienced artists

-a mutually supportive learning environment

-opportunity to network & learn a new skills

Flat Fee: £ 400 which will not equate to more than 4 days.

Let us know if you are available on the 25.11.2020 am

If you are interested could you please respond with a short statement ( no more than half a page), a short CV including your age, qualifications, digital skills or if you want a very short video which tells us all about you.

Please send to : iris@irisbertz.co.uk

Or get in touch if you have questions on the email above.

Deadline: 3.11.2020 5PM