Birmingham - Women Between The Lines Walk

Tower Ballroom to Roundhouse Birmingham

Words & Walks presents, ‘Women Between The Lines’ a guided walking tour and poetry event celebrating the untold stories of women in Birmingham. Explore the city through a new lens, as Words & Walks take you on an interactive tour, shining a light on the hidden voices of local real women, both past and present.

The tour was led on foot by Iris Bertz, Director of Bertz Associates. Research supported by student Jennifer Wilbur, an internship made possible through the University of Birmingham. It started at The Tower Ballroom, a building tucked beside the beautiful, calming views of the reservoir, which holds a rich history dating back to 1827. We then continued on through the streets of Ladywood, across the canals, and into central Birmingham, highlighting stories from a diverse library of women. The focus ranged from The Suffragettes and The Women's Liberation Movement, to a world-renowned roller skater, an accomplished architect, artists and musicians, through to the modern everyday women who are under-celebrated yet consistently make a difference. Discover the challenges, triumphs, and be inspired by the history that goes beyond the textbooks.

The tour finished at the newly renovated hidden gem, The Roundhouse built in 1874. There was a Roundtable talking about Women's History, chaired by Irene de Boo, Co-ordinator of Birmingham Heritage Week, with Rachel West (Fake Curators & Legacy West Midlands), Audrey Jackson (CEO of Pouring on Oil and Wine) & Amira Ismail (Lunar Campfires & Don't Settle) The evening event brought voice to women, and debunked the single voice narrative, retold through powerful poetry with acoustic music by award-winning poet Simone ‘Word’ Smith as a part of Hidden Notes.

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Photo Credit: Jen Wilbur