An Introduction

Edgbaston Reservoir is a special place. People who know it come back, again and again. It’s one of those places people take for granted, it is often so ordinary. Some days you notice it’s a bit tatty, with too much litter, and fading graffiti. Other days you stumble into a sunset like no-other; glimpse a string of young coots straining to keep up with their parent, or catch your breath over a new and vibrant bit of graffiti whose colour lifts your spirits as you follow your own well trodden path around the water.

So many people have little, everyday memories of this place, which have become special over the years. These memories are already shared between Reservoir users, local residents, and regulars who have found something important here. Whether it’s a space to think, breathe, reflect; a place to walk the dog, or push a buggy, or just to be, without doing, this space belongs to local people, and it’s important the wider public retains that sense of ownership for this place. This project attempts to capture some of those important stories about the reservoir.

What we are doing

‘My Reservoir’ uses digital storytelling methods to record and illustrate memories, thoughts, hopes and fears people have about the Edgbaston reservoir and its surroundings. Artscoop Central & Bertz Associates are two locally based arts organisations who wanted to help start telling the stories of the Edgbaston reservoir through the voices of ordinary people who love the site. The projects’ funding is linked to developing local communities, through the delivery of digital storytelling skills to interested community groups; and to opportunities for young emerging artists. COVID restrictions have shaped the project, which is based completely online, and all the stories produced will be hosted on this site and available for all to see.