Rolling Out Brum

Rolling Out is about the Roller-Skating community in Canon Hill Park that established itself during lockdown and continues to flourish.

Bertz Associates have worked with Birmingham’s roller-skating community over the past 12-months through storytelling workshops and pilot skating workshops. Our community has worked with us through focus groups and informal interviews to design this new project which will help them to expand and thrive. 

Rolling Out Brum Film Production

“Rolling out Brum”, will be a community collaborative film project co-created by the “Children of the Diaspora” Ladywood young film makers, and the Roller-Skating community in Canon Hill Park, that established itself during lockdown and continues to flourish. 

The film aims to document the Canon Hill Park Skater’s journey and explore the idea of “unofficial” communities - those that arise outside traditional organisational structures to become a family to people from super diverse backgrounds of ethnicity, age, and class. 

We will immerse ourselves in the group and construct with them a narrative that unveils how this skating community was made. 

Performance for Birmingham Festival 2023

Sporting Tower is a eulogy to the Tower Ballroom that has hosted so many important sport events of people of all backgrounds. Working with a group of young people, the film celebrates the history of almost 200 years in a mediation of what the place could have been dreamed into with young people’s imagination. 

Join us for a short film and discussion with the artists, followed by a Skating Performance by the Birmingham Rollerskating Community.

Centenary Square, Friday 4th August, 2:00 pm