We Make Brum Exhibition

Library of Birmingham

1.9.2023 - 30.9.2023

We Make Brum

E2E was established by George Dawson (1821-1876). Dawson formulated the ‘everything to everybody’ ethos, which was a significant movement for public welfare and cultural participation in nineteenth-century Birmingham. 

The steep history calls into question how inclusive Dawson and the project was, focusing only on the elite families such as the Chamberlains and the Cadburys.  Dawson said, ‘The time has come to give everything to everybody’, but that ‘everybody’ does not apply to Birmingham as it is today. 

In collaboration with George Dixon academy we have reinterpreted everything to everybody to celebrate the city of Birmingham. We showcase the unsung success and lives of ordinary brummie folk doing amazing things that we just don’t get to hear about. We are really thinking about what makes Birmingham special.

This exhibition has been led by a group of sixth formers at George Dixon Academy in Edgbaston, Birmingham. Inspired by the Civic Gospel and conversation about attitudes surrounding Brum. The aim of the exhibition is to encompass our vivid communities and celebrate the figures and collectives that create our community and culture.

Featuring new work by Poet Simone Word Smith & Designer Sharonjit Kaur Sutton in collaboration with students of the schools.

This exhibition is part of Birmingham Heritage Week

Ladywood Arts Forum

RBSA Gallery

6 - 8 pm, 12.10.23

Ladywood Arts Forum

Dear Ladywood!

We are glad to invite you all to our next Ladywood Arts Forum meeting which will take place on Thursday 12th October, 6.30 - 8pm, at the RBSA Gallery!

Doors open from 6.15 for a soft start.

The meeting

At the meeting, there will be introduction and networking time, as well as hearing from a number of speakers.

We will be joined by Kaye Winwood, an Arts Professional with 25 years experience specialising in visual art, food, moving images and performance. She is the founder of Gulp, a JQ-based creative dining venue.

There will also be a tour of the RBSA Gallery led by Viv Astling PRBSA and Claire Riley, RBSA Marketing Manager. There will be time to view their current Drawing Prize exhibition.

At the close of the meeting anyone who has any projects/local info they’d like to share will also have an opportunity to do so.

Previous Events

Art Deco Walk

Big Green Saturday

Film Screening

Sunday 17 September

Birmingham Heritage Week

Discover an architectural style in the centre of Brum which reflects the new modern age of the inter-war years.

The walk was lead by Art Historian Christiane Worth & contributing writer to Brutiful Birmingham John Bell to explore the often overlooked gems of the Art Deco in Birmingham. Both are passionate about the architectural heritage of the much maligned city

Saturday 16 September

Midlands Art Centre

As part of our Rolling Out project, we hosted several events at MAC's Big Green Weekender:

Sticker Making Workshop

T-Shirt Screenprinting with designs by Skate Buddies

Rolling Out Brum Film Screening and Q&A

Roller Skating Performance by Skate Buddies

Sunday 27 August

Midlands Art Centre

Rolling Out Brum attempts to capture the essence of Birmingham's longstanding roller skating community. The film was created as a celebration of this group which breaks boundaries in terms of culture, age and gender - a true grass roots community tethered to the inner city location of Cannon Hill Park.